#1: April 2013

I am fascinated and disturbed by my mornings.
The distorted views of the world. The way we see things and the way we choose to see things. Our culture is reliant on this unstable concept. There are interactive “filters” that decide who is your friend and who is not. There are “privacy settings” that allow us to “protect” ourselves from overexposure.

I have always been interested in the idea of overindulging.

April 2013, interested in:

  • Googling illnesses
  • Fear of the Familiar/ strangeness of the familiar- for example- the homeless- my “backyard”
  • Uncomfortable in dangerous situations- letting your mind run wild
  • My “backyard”- Everything that I experience- the repetition of human behaviour. The sound of shopping carts being pushed down the alleyway that is full of potholes, gravel, garbage..etc.”This is my backyard”
  • Transformation.
  • Socially acceptable body modifications: tanning
  • Distorted views- What we see and what we choose to see.
  • the odd things that happen to me. That are not odd.
  • Questioning everything!
  • Other views