AGA Refinery Brittney Roy                AGA Refinery Brittney Roy

The drawings are done and the animating is happening! I feel so fortunate to have such talented and kind individuals surrounding me. Thanks Moblpixl for working with me on this project. I’m excited to see how the images will be manipulated and how it will come to life!

Since this animation will be screened at the AGA’s Refinery Party we are hoping to setup an additional screening (possibly in April) to give others a chance to see it! I will post the date here and will most likely make a Facebook event for it so if you are interested check back here for updates Facebook page.


My thoughts on collaboration:

For artists who have not considered collaboration (yet) I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot about yourself and a lot about others.  I’ve never felt so supported than when I’m working with a strong, brilliant team of creative people. (Love you Creative Practices Team!)

Brittney Roy's top three things about collaboration