March made me think I would constantly be pulled away from my practice and I would have to fight to make it happen. In some cases I believe this to be true but I now finally feel like I have my evenings back to really dig and prep for some upcoming projects (at least for the time being…).

I’ve come to accept the fact that grants and applications will always be a part of my practice (my life). Yay me! (puke in my mouth a little…) This is the first time I’ve given myself dedicated time to get them out there and to really consider the projects I want to put out (other than my residency at SNAP – and maybe University although I think my brain was too young to come up with anything worth saying).

Drawing will always be an element in my work but I know that it is not the ONLY thing. I can’t let it be. I’ve always said to myself that I never want to be an artists that is known to exclusively do one type of thing. Isn’t that what they call the definition of insanity? Or maybe it’s insane to think that if I make a bunch of random shit that I won’t ever make a name for myself… Either way I would rather put the work in the concept and have the medium/material be the follow up. Asking myself, “ok now how can I best translate this idea?”.

I leave you with this lovely video to remind you to never give up and to WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK.