It’s been a battle and a half to get here and I am DAMN proud of the amazing artists I worked with for Hibernaculum – Instructions to Follow and proud of myself for going above and beyond my comfort zone… phew! Message me if you can make it to either or both! @_brittneyroy or text

This weekend  -  April 29th, 6PM



Melon Gazing

Image: Melon Gazing – Brittney Roy, Instructions to Follow

participating artists in Instructions to Follow:  Carly Greene   Megan Stein   Borys Tarasenko   Hilary Mussell

love & support provided by: Olivia Chow

special thanks to: the Works Art and Design Festival

funded by: Edmonton Community Foundation

curated by: 

All featured artists in Hibernaculum: Alyson Davies, Risa Witten, Caitlin McCann, Justin Chase Jones, Jacob Dutton, Carly Greene, Brittney Roy, Olivia Chow, Borys Tarasenko, Hilary Mussell, Megan Stein, Corie Waugh, Grace Papineau-Couture, Dana Buzzee, Chelsea Boos, Susan Clarahan, Alyssa Ellis, LeilaPlouffe, Nine Kennedy, Natalie Castrogiovanni, Alexandra Bischoff, Stacey Cann, Ioana Turcan, Sarah Culkin, Maria Burkinshaw, Haley Pukanski, Alma Visscher, Will Brask, Jessa Gillespie, Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter

Next weekend  -  May 5th - 7th (I present on the 6th around 11:15am)


Idea of Place Conference