Not My Clothing

In this project I am careful in asking participants to give up their privacy and control in the bedroom. I become the decision maker in their wardrobe department. Sorting through clothing in drawers, closets, and from the floor I touch garments that have been worn by the individual. I gain the freedom to choose outfits and arrange them on the participants bedding. All while they stand by and watch or leave the room, depending on their comfort level. This is an ongoing project composed of various participants. Some I know well and some who are strangers. 24″ x 48″+


Project Vomit

Bordering on disgust and beauty, this series plays a large part in my keen interest in temporarily of the human body and self induced illnesses. This project is ongoing and will be played out in different mediums including screenprinting on panels and t-shirts. 22″ x 16″


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