Luminous Bodies Residency


I was recently accepted to a programmed residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point called Luminous Bodies on Toronto Island for July 4 – 17, 2017. Here I will research human-to-human interface technology (electrophysiology) a technology that allows one person to control the muscle activity of another person. This simple and non-invasive technology is an introduction to neuroprosthetics where scientists and engineers can make interfaces with the muscles and nerves of the human body. Working collaboratively, this research will be compiled and used to produce a series of performance and video.

The reason/motivation

I am interested in questioning the assertion of power and what it means to control and be controlled. In this specific project I focus on the scientific use of electrical impulses of the nervous system to manipulate the body. In this project I challenge vulnerability and gain new perspective on human to human interactions.

Through this study, I will learn along with the participants what it feels like to submit control to a complete stranger by accepting involuntary movements and what if feels to have dominance over another person’s body and their movements.

I am also curious about body language and how this will play into the study. Human’s experience two sides of body language: the decoding, the ability to read cues and the encoding the ability to send cues. In this residency these lines will begin to blur through the action of sharing movements.

One of my greatest motivations stems from the current political climate. I am interested in taking a scientific approach to what internally sets us apart from each other and what brings us together. I am fascinated by electroencephalography (EEG) and kinesiology and how these studies focus purely on data and manipulation of the body to find out what makes us function.

More on Human to Human Interface Technology


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