Not My Clothing

Artist Statement

Once invited into the participants bedroom I begin to sort through their wardrobe. A closet, a laundry basket, the floor, and/or the dresser. Clothing that has been separated into piles, some with soiled underwear still in them, and some fresh from the wash piled neatly. Their comfort level is measured against mine and levels vary from person-to-person.

I am searching for the perfect outfit. I arrange the clothing in a central, standing orientation. The clothing and the room become a representation of that individual. They are confrontational and anonymous and carry a feeling of unease and awkwardness. Yet they are familiar to us.

Our clothing is the first visible material on us and plays a large role in hiding and protecting our bodies. Our clothing is also a personal artifact that we as humans use to decorate ourselves. In these images the physical body remains absent yet they act as portraits. This kind of portraiture is new to me and I continue to breakdown the elements that define our individual personalities whether it be clothing or our private places.