Their Fantasy is Real



~*Participating Artists*~

Official Chapbook Release of Georgia-Rae & reading from the collection by the artist
released by ChumpMag

Visual Artists
Brit Bachmann (Vancouver, BC), Dana Kearley (Vancouver, BC), Ali Bischoff (Vancouver, BC), Wil Brask (Toronto, ON), Corie Waugh (Vancouver, BC), Khrysta Lloren (Calgary, AB), Nine Kennedy (Calgary, AB), Caitlin McCann (Calgary, AB)

Local Edmonton Artists
Leila Plouffe, Brandi Strauss, Olivia Forsyth, Clare Grehan, Lisa Jones, Grace Papineau-Couture, Risa Witten, Stacey Cann, Emily Randall, Victoria Guzman, Tegan Bowers, Veronica Fuentes, Cole Panchyshyn and Megan Gnanasihamany

Continuous Live-stream Performance, Hot Water, by
The Golden Pair the duo Marie Winters & Alyson Davies
an offshoot of Tennis Club

Performances by Local Edmonton Artists
Stacey Cann
Brittney Roy, Destiny Lalana Davidson-Kim, Emily Coutu, another Emily
Todd Housemann
BillyBobs2016/Red Deer/Maria Burkinshaw & Haley Pukanski

As part of the Activist Primer Series, with support by Feminists at U of A the show begins with a roundtable on art, feminism, & the fourth wave. The roundable will take place in a pop up exhibition. This event will be informally run, with participants sharing their knowledge, voices and experiences in the ways they see fit. following the round table the event will transition into a night of music, art, and scheduled performances.

with subversive intent, is an initiative to support and foster critical communities in art outside of the institution.
contact emily with questions about this event:


Their Fantasy is Real

This is not about wresting. It is inspired by the action, the intensity, the loudness, the real blood and the storytelling of wrestling. “Their fantasy is real”

Wrestler 1: Emily Coutu

Wrestler 2: Destiny Lalana Davidson-Kim

Narrator: Brittney Roy

Audience Facilitator: Emily MacDonald (Grimace Picasso)

Photo’s by: Tegan Bowers

their fantasty is real their fantasty is real their fantasty is real



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